The Story Of How I Found Totally Free Psychic Readings

Mirko NoracHi, I am Mirko Norac and I have a large interest in the psychic realm that has followed me all of my life. This is something that I have always wanted to be involved within, but I have always been worried about frauds. Eventually, the desire to see my interest through and learn more about myself overcame those worries and led me to a little bit of an experiment with online psychics. Here I am going to go over the best sites that I found and give you a little more information about them so you can enjoy them as well.

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Let’s Begin!
Let The Journey Begin

I spent a couple of weeks looking through different online sites and found the best ones. Overall,,,, and were the best sites that I came across. Each of these will offer some form of totally free psychic readings that you can access and test for yourself.

I started out by looking around on different forums and seeing what other people had to say. I figured that seeing sites other people swear by would give me the best possible chance at finding good sites. I quickly learned that most of the reviews on these forums were for sites that were not going to work for me. Either people were paying large amounts of money without ever testing the service or they were warning people away from some of the more scam filled sites.

After a couple of days, I had a list of websites to try, and an even larger list of websites to avoid. I then set out on trying each of these websites and found the top five that I wanted to recommend to each of you. These sites have really helped me get the readings that I want, and I would really hope that many others would be more than willing to try them out and truly get to know what they have to offer.


This website was the first one that I found mentioned in a positive way. I really liked the name, it felt kind of mystical and made me feel happy when I viewed the site. The website is actually much more simple than the name would lead you to think. This made me feel calm and notice some of the small details that really spoke to the passion that was put into making the site. I figured that if the landing page could make me feel safe, this was a great site to start my search with.

The first thing I noticed was that they specialize in readings, tarot, astrology, and many other things as well. I was a little overwhelmed by the options as I had thought each website would only focus on one thing. However, the mystery was solved when I scrolled down and there were 160 different psychics to choose from. This meant that I was able to choose someone who really fit with my desires.

I went down the list and found a lovely woman who specialized in readings and was online at the moment. I sent her a chat and she agreed to do a quick reading. Now, I only have 3 free minutes, so I wanted to test the service before I was willing to pay for anything. I was very up front with her and she still gave me amazing service. I spent almost all three minutes with her in a very small reading where she told em a little bit about my future, a little bit about my past, and offered some advice on finding myself as well.

I found that I was extremely happy and wanted more. Because of this I paid for a longer reading and got even more information. I focused this reading on my love life as I have been a little worried lately about my girlfriend. Thanks to the advice I received, I feel like I am better able to see things from her point of view. This has really helped me to feel like I can better be there for her.

I would rate this site a 5/5 stars for sure. It was simple, easy to navigate, took only minutes to set up, and gave my information that I really was able to use. The free reading was informative and while it was brief, I felt like I got so much out of it.

If you wish to read more about this site go here


This was the next site that I had come across. I knew that some celebrities visited the website and that it had a really good reputation. In the world where so many different sites are available, this was a really important consideration.

Right away I noticed that the site as different. When I opened the browser, there was someone doing a totally free physic reading live. There was a kindly older woman talking to people and answering their questions without ever asking for payment. She read tarot for a few guests and continued providing this service for free. There was even a place where you could ask questions without registering first.
I found that there are free readings going on throughout the day. If you are satisfied with a group reading you don’t even need to register for an account. This is amazing since the woman was answering some really in depth questions and didn’t even seem to be bothered at all. I really felt like my question was important to her as well.

There was a button once I registered to request a private reading. While I would have to pay for this reading, it was still really interesting. The thing I liked most was that the site is almost all run on a webcam platform. This means that the psychic can see all of your facial expressions and give you the information that you are really looking for. This doesn’t really happen in the free reading, but I think it is an amazing added service.

Overall, I left feeling happy after a few free readings. All of the demos that I saw were quite amazing and followed the same pattern. Some people say you need to check around and make sure you get working with the best readers on this site, but I think I must have gotten lucky. I did notice that all of the individuals I saw demos for had very high star ratings, so I think that is a good metric to follow. I would give the site a 4.9 out of 5 because it left me a little less relaxed than the first website.

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Ask now isn’t strictly free. I was a little hesitant to include it since I was trying to focus more on totally free psychic readings. However, I had some really good results, and you don’t pay for bad results on the website. Basically you register and pay a flat fee based on your usage. If you don’t like a reader at any point you can bow out and move onward to a new one.

They did have a place when I first opened the page to ask one love focused question completely free. This was interesting and I did ask the question and get a somewhat satisfactory answer. However, I wish I had been able to choose a category and ask a question related to that.

The site seems to focus mostly on love, with offers of love spells on most pages. For those who are interested, it seems like this is their largest business. I didn’t ask for a spell once I was in a reading as I don’t really feel like I need one. However, members of the forums I had visited could not stop raving about how amazing the spells were and how they had helped their lives.

Overall I would give them a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I feel like they could offer a bit more, and while they are cheap, they are not the site that I would first recommend. If you pay a little bit higher rate, you do get access to some amazing psychics to give you some actual free readings after your first reading as well.

Still can’t decide? Maybe this more detailed asknow review will help


This site was the one that people were talking about the most. I had to jump through a few different forums and groups to get some real information, but it seems that a lot of people use this site every day. However, the website is rather plain and seems to lack a lot of information the other sites had.

When I signed up, I found that this was just the landing page. Once I was in the members area, I was able to see a large number of psychics giving out totally free psychic readings to people. There were people specializing in tarot and many other forms of divination as well.

I felt more guided here than the other sites. During my 3 free minutes, I had meant to ask some questions about my career, but ended up getting some advice on more pressing matters in my life. It seems that the psychics working here truly understand the needs of their customers and will ensure that they are met almost instantly.

I was really impressed with the website, I really wish that there had been webcams as I feel I might have connected deeper, but that was really my only complaint. Because of the initial website design I have to give the site a 4.4. It was amazing in the end, and I really think that it competes with all of the other sites on the list at a very equal level.

Is it right for you? If not, try reading more on this page


This was probably the hardest site for me to find. I found it mentioned a very small number of times, but only in a list of sites that people used. There was very little promotion, almost as if the website spoke for itself. I didn’t actually find anything negative, so I decided to go along with my gut and visit the site.

When I first opened the site there was a youtube video that played and told me all about numerology. I was told why I should trust this science to tell me my future, and what I could learn from it as well. This had me intrigued, so I followed through with the sign up process.

The process involved very little information, and I was sent a free numerology reading to my e-mail. The reading I received was pretty basic, but I did have an option to receive a less basic version. However, I found that I was happy with the basic version as it held a lot of answers for me to puzzle over. Instead of feeling like I was still grasping for answers, I felt like they had been given freely.

This totally free psychic reading was a lot different from the others. I never talked to anyone, I had to give very little information, and I was told that the information had been inside of me since birth. I felt a little more connected to this reading, but it also felt a little strange as well. I don’t know that this is a reading for everyone, but I will treasure mine forever.

I would give this site a 4 out of 5 star rating. The lack of human contact and the differing style threw me off, but I really felt like it was an amazing site as well. Maybe I will order my more advanced chart in a few weeks and think of it even higher at that point in time.

Overall, I found these five websites to be the best examples available online for free readings. After sorting through a ton of websites, I couldn’t find any others that really compared. At the end of the day, these sites have left me feeling calm, happy, secure, and like I can trust them. Each of them were spot on with the issues I needed help with, and were more than willing to treat me with respect and love.

The Story Of How I Found Totally Free Psychic Readings

Kasamba Is A Great Psychic Service That You Can Save On

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If you are tired of paying a lot of money for psychic readings that aren’t that good, you need to try out Kasamba. You will be able to get 3 minutes free your first time, and also you can take 50% off of your first paid session. Here are some reasons you should try this out.

Have you been wondering what you need to do with your life? Are you tired of hearing the same types of readings over and over again from the services you get? With Kasamba, you will get great expert help from a real psychic. They are able to work with many topics, from astrology to numerology. You can even have a counseling session with one of their professionals, and that is why this is a service that anyone can benefit from that wants to change their life for the better.

The best way to learn about this service and whether or not it is any good would be to sign up for their 3 FREE minutes that new users get. You will be able to fit quite a bit of a session into this time, and you probably will learn a little about how your future looks. Not all psychics can tell you exactly what is going to happen, but they can let you in on where they see you going and what you can do to make this better for yourself.

Kasamba Review

Anyone that’s a first-timer at this kind of thing may be nervous. Know that this is a private conversation between you and a professional psychic, and that they will respect your privacy. You don’t have to give them a bunch of information, just let them know what kind of a reading you need or what service they offer that you are interested in. The key here is to use the deal to get the free minutes, and also the money off of your first session. This test will allow you to see that the psychics are interested in helping and are very kind to their customers.

Kasamba’s website lets you talk to psychics that are online at any time of the day, so make sure you check there to look at the various people you can get into touch with. You can look at the person’s expertise and also a few facts about what they want you to know about them. It is good to look through a few before you get a session started. Then you are likely to have a good reading and make a new friend of the psychic since you will know a few facts about them.

Now that you know you can trust in Kasamba to get you the psychic services you desire, it is time to take advantage of the 3 free minutes they offer. Don’t wait for too long, because for a limited time you can get 50% off of the first paid session to help get you familiar with the service!

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Kasamba Is A Great Psychic Service That You Can Save On

A Review Of Free Psychic Readings: is the very first global esoteric community that is filled with psychics who possess abilities and immense desire to assist people. They have different psychics who include tarot masters, astrologers healers, clairvoyants and many others. Initially, this service was only available in Poland but with time, it has branched out and is now offering readings to men and women from all corners of the globe, including the US. Individuals who have been unhappy with other websites should definitely try this one out. The registration is totally free and therefore, there is nothing that can actually deter you from enjoying the services offered at With a well-laid back atmosphere, the website is particularly ideal for amateur clients who are just beginning to get in touch with their spiritual sides.

One thing that attracts many customers to the site is that they can communicate to psychics in the comfort of their homes. Customers can also access chat rooms where they can connect with psychics. In fact, most of the website’s regular users speak more about the webcam that gives you the opportunity to gaze into the psychic’s face as you chat with him or her. The truth is that the cameras give a personalized experience which is a feature that cannot be found in any other psychic network. Customers without webcams can alternatively speak with professional clairvoyants by typing their queries in the text box provided for them. The whole interface of Oracum is efficient and slick and a great deal of customers show a great sense of appreciation for the time and effort put into these digital features.

Oranum gives its clients a chance to chat up with a few of the experts prior to deciding whether or not they are willing to pay for the full experience. Therefore, you will have the chance to get a feel for every reader and also select an individual who fits your aura. Getting the right reader can make a very great difference. In some cases, you will be in a position to strongly connect with certain psychic readers. This means that you will receive better advice on friendships, relationships, finances and career tracks.

Oranum also avails free horoscopes on a daily basis. All these horoscopes are written by professionals who have great experience interpreting the moon, sun and planets as they faithfully move through the constellations. Some astronomical signs are usually associated with specific personality quirks and many people are conversant with them. Owing to the complexity of the astrological world, men and women require an expert interpretation that helps them proceed through their days. is the place to get this kind of expert interpretation.

Unlike other websites, Oranum is intent on achieving customer satisfaction. If customers are not pleased with the experience they get, they can request a refund of their money. However, that is a scenario that hardly occurs. As a result of this guarantee, customers literally have nothing to lose at the end of it all. They might end up receiving cherished wisdom on budding romantic relationships.

Psychics at have a good reputation of politeness and courtesy. During the live webcam chats, customers are free to ask anything. Since facial expressions are important, the site recommends the use of computers with attached cameras. All you will receive is a warm and fuzzy experience, one that cannot be found elsewhere. Signing up is totally free so do not hesitate getting in touch with some of the world’s best psychics.

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A Review Of Free Psychic Readings:

Hollywood Psychics Review To Learn If It’s Right For You

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If you’re wondering about Hollywood Psychics and whether it’s right for you or not, this is where you can learn more. There are plenty of great resources to learn what your future or other aspects of your life will be like. This is one of them and here you will figure out why.

The service here is something that helps you with basic services when it comes to divination choices. You’ll want to make sure that you ask them what they can offer to you when you call so you can make your choice. Each one is wrapped in a glitzy and fun approach to psychic services, which is where it gets the Hollywood part of its name. It’s a good starting point for those just getting into this kind of service, so you’ll have fun and get to know the basics.

You’re able to work with a search engine that puts you into touch with only people that meet the needs you have. They each have a certain set of tools, and also methods that they use to help you figure out what it is you need to know. You’ll be able to select even the style of the reader so that you can get someone that is more direct, or a person that is more expressive. There is a vast array of different filters when you search, so be aware of them and use each one to help you get the perfect reading.

Hollywood Psychics Review

When you work with these psychics, you may find that they are focused on women, so if you’re a male it may come off as a bit difficult for you to use. That’s not to say, however, that you are going to have a bad time if you’re a male. You just need to make liberal use of the filters before connecting to anyone to get to know what you’ll be getting from the person. It is also very much about entertainment, which is why you should also try this if you’re needing a fun time in your life today.

Remember to get to know a few different psychic resources so that you have an arsenal of them to choose from. You can call Hollywood psychics more than once, and use the searching features to get more than one kind of reading. If you find that you don’t enjoy one of the psychics it’s not a good idea to discount the whole service since the best one for you is probably pretty easy to find. Just apply a few different methods to seek out what you really want and you’ll be set.

When you are able to use this Hollywood Psychics review to make a choice if this is right for you, it’s easier to get started. Begin now by using what you’ve learned here to do better at this. Once you can, you’ll become that much more happy with the results you have come up.

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Hollywood Psychics Review To Learn If It’s Right For You

The AskNow Review To Help You Decide

If you are on the fence about using this service, then this AskNow review is here to help you. Getting to know the benefits will let you know if you are able to enjoy using this to assist you in life. Here are what reviews say and how you can get the most from this service.

The main thing that’s great about this is that it’s a pay as you go service. Now you don’t have to pay up front, and if you’re not feeling it during a session, you’re not stuck paying for it all the way through. Get to know each of the benefits of this service, and it becomes clear that it is very customer oriented. That’s probably why it gets such high marks from those that have decided to use it to their advantage before anything else or after using a sub par service.

The website has great features so you can make finding the match for you with this service a breeze. You’ll want to explore before you make a choice so that you have a good insight into who is there to work with you and what kind of services you can expect. You won’t be paired up with someone that you won’t get a lot of benefit from, so know that they only hire the best in the business. If you’re curious, it doesn’t hurt to give them a try with a psychic that you know is highly rated in their system.

You don’t even have to talk to an adviser on the phone with this service. If you’re someone that has an aversion to conversations on the phone, you can use their chat tool or just go through email. Remember that if you are working with this service, you determine what you want and then learn how that method works through the advice they give you on their website. Then it’s not so tough to get yourself with a psychic that is going to be able to speak with you on your terms.

Any time you have a question, you can use the help that they offer. Generally you can get with a psychic 24 hours a day, and also are able to get a lot of help with their service any time you need to as well. Just ask and you should be able to get to know what they have to offer, and the link to do so should be apparent on their main page. If you cannot find an answer within their help files, then there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to speak with a customer service rep.

AskNow review resources will all tell you that this is a great way to get yourself the psychic services you need. Get a tarot card reading or speak with someone that can clue you into what you should be doing with your life. It’s smart to try it yourself so you can see the benefits.

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The AskNow Review To Help You Decide